Unlocking the Power of Context to Manage Network Growth

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Source: F5 Networks
Date: March 2014
Type: Featured Whitepaper
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Overview: With the growth in mobile data, operators face more than an increase in the volume of traffic. The complexity of managing that traffic has also intensified, driven by subscribers expecting an ever-higher quality of experience (QoE), and by a traffic and device mix, usage patterns and advanced policy-based services that are more diverse and continue to evolve. This complexity creates an additional set of challenges. Operators not only have to expand capacity, they need to decide how to use that capacity in a way that maximizes the return on their 4G investment, in terms of improving both network utilization (i.e., lowering their per-bit costs) and the subscriber's QoE (i.e., increasing revenues and customer retention). This paper presents five use cases that illustrate the challenges that mobile operators face in managing traffic, the tools they can use to address them, and the benefits they can reap from real-time, context-aware traffic management.

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