Security at the Speed of VoLTE, by Infonetics Research

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Source: Stoke
Date: February 2014
Type: Featured Whitepaper
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Overview: This new white paper authored by Stéphane Téral, Principal Analyst at Infonetics Research, describes the evolving LTE security landscape as the industry prepares for VoLTE. In this detailed and deeply-researched document, Stéphane reviews the evolving threat landscape, examines technology options and usage scenarios, and provides unique valuable market sizing, growth and adoption figures. The mobile broadband industry?s rapid migration to LTE has opened the door to malicious and non-malicious threats as a result of fundamental vulnerabilities in the all-IP LTE architecture. Consequently, security must be a foundational element of LTE network deployments. As the adoption of IPsec encryption for transporting LTE traffic continues to grow significantly, there is increasing need for a security gateway, which has until recently been considered optional by many operators. This white paper discuss the broader role the security gateway can play in LTE networks as LTE subscribers ramp up by the millions every quarter and VoLTE services start to emerge. The paper revisit recent statements released by the 3GPP and the NGMN Alliance, examine the role of an S1-focused security gateway in not only performing IPsec encryption and decryption but also processing small VoLTE packets and protecting the EPC from overwhelming signaling traffic and discuss the potential of the security gateway to provide VoLTE QoS control and protection of the EPC.

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