Security Analytics: A Required Escalation In Cyber Defenses

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Source: Arbor Networks
Date: April 2014
Type: Featured Whitepaper
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Overview: In this whitepaper, noted industry analyst Richard Stiennon examines the emerging requirement in the ongoing arms race with threat actors. Despite years of investment in multiple layers of security defenses, every organization is still wide open to targeted attacks. It is practically impossible to stop all possible attacks. Even next-generation firewalls, complete alerting and logging collected in a SIEM, and universal patch management and vulnerability discovery has proven to be ineffective against threat actors who are motivated, skilled and determined. This paper answers the critical questions about security analytics and explains why it is one of the fastest growing product categories in security.

Read this white paper to learn:
- What security analytics is and how is it deployed?
- Why every organization will have to deploy some sort of security analytics
- Features and benefits of Arbor's Pravail Security Analytics

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