Monetizing Network Capabilities with CaaS: Riding the Service Exposure Revenue Wave

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Date: January 2014
Type: White Paper
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Overview: Traditional telco services have reached saturation and operators must look to alternative revenue streams in order to survive. However, for operators, trying to rollout new services while trying to manage overloaded networks is not easy as they are still plagued by legacy systems. Operators also face the increasing challenge of over-the-top (OTT) players who have historically cut into their market share and ironically over the operators' own networks. In turn, operators realize they need to provide more value added services and take advantage of the proliferation of devices such as smartphones and tablets. They realize they will have to create new, innovative services with their existing assets as well as with new partners. In order to do so, the operators' business model must change, from not just service delivery, but also enablement. Application Programming Interface (API) enablement allows operators' networks to be more programmable and better support the development of services. By exposing their APIs to strategic partners, operators are able to deliver more innovative services as well as expand their channels and customer base and ultimately increase revenue.

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