Huawei CaaS - Monetizing Your Network Capabilities

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Date: January 2014
Type: White Paper
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Overview: In this whitepaper, we will introduce Huawei CaaS - Communication as a Service. As non-Telco companies encroach on the telecom industry, CSPs need to find a new way to counter the threat as well as capture the web-centric opportunities. In the first session, we will describe how Huawei CaaS can help CSPs to enable more users and better applications with the most valuable network assets as a strategic control point. With Huawei global presence and CSPs' engagements in different regions, there are 3 key considerations which help Huawei CaaS customers get the most from the market while minimizing the impact on their existing network infrastructure, IT systems and organization structure. The first involves developing customers beyond persons in order to capture the smart device everywhere era. The second requires CSPs to explore new possibilities without significant impact on complex and siloed legacy systems. The last, but not the least, is to identify optimal value chain positioning with the aim to maximize the value derived from the valuable network assets. The details will be discussed in the KSF (Key Success Factor) sessions demonstrating the critical success factors which lead Huawei CaaS customers to success in markets with new challenges.

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