Alepo's Policy Server (PCRF)

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Source: Alepo
Date: January 2014
Type: Featured Whitepaper
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Overview: Alepo's Policy & Charging Control Function (PCRF) performs real-time policy management across all services and technologies, including LTE, WiMAX, eHRPD, HSPA+, WLAN, and more, empowering mobile operators to truly differentiate their business plans in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. With a unique dual GUI and scripting interface, Alepo's PCRF offers a uniquely user-friendly interface without sacrificing flexibility or performance. The intuitive GUI allows providers to respond to market opportunities quickly, creating a nimble tool for maximizing revenue and network performance. Readily deployable as part of Alepo's complete back office solution or easily integrated with the provider's existing core network, the Alepo PCRF is interoperable, flexible and standards-compliant.

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