Accelerating, Analyzing, and Securing Network Traffic - by Wind River

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Source: Wind River
Date: August 2013
Type: White Paper
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Overview: As connectivity expands beyond PCs, smartphones, and tablets, the number of connected wireless and wired devices is expected to triple or even quadruple in the next few years. The impact on network infrastructures of billions of new intelligent connected devices and machines coming online in a relatively short time will be profound. For example, the amount of data traversing IP networks today is an incredible 640K GB per minute. That number will skyrocket as more and more people watch streaming videos, share photos, download apps, play online games, tap into cloud services, and engage in other activities that have a healthy appetite for bandwidth, not to mention send emails and tweets, post status updates, ask for directions, and check the weather--all from their smartphones, tablets, cars, and more.

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